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"I'm Just a Little Black Girl from Chicago"

Strengthening Violence Prevention in Chicago

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Changing Lives, One fairy At A Time!

Greetings, and thank you for visiting our campaign. We're on a mission to make a difference in the lives of black girls in Chicago, especially those in Fuller Park, North Lawndale, and Englewood. Our campaign, "I'm Just a Little Black Girl from Chicago," is about enhancing our violence prevention program. We believe in the transformative power of mentorship, the healing potential of addressing trauma, and the importance of raising awareness about the epidemic that affects these girls.

This is deeply personal to me. In 2019, I tragically lost my best friend to gun violence. This loss has underscored the urgency of our mission to enhance violence prevention for black girls in Chicago. I've witnessed my goddaughter's daily struggles, dealing with the void left by her mother's absence. Fortunately, she has a robust support system, including her grandparents, aunts, godmother, and programs like Focus Fairies, which have been instrumental in helping her push through these difficult moments.

Mentoring organizations play a vital role in shaping the lives of young girls. Through positive role models, guidance, and support, we empower them to overcome adversity and reach their full potential. Our program pairs these girls with mentors who understand their unique challenges and inspire them to dream big. With your support, we can expand this crucial aspect of our program, ensuring more girls benefit from these life-changing connections.

Many of the girls we serve have experienced or witnessed violence, leaving them with deep emotional scars. Our violence prevention program is committed to addressing trauma head-on. We provide a safe space for these girls to heal, offering trauma-informed counseling, support groups, and therapeutic activities. Contributing to our campaign will help us provide the resources needed to aid in their recovery and resilience.

The epidemic of violence disproportionately affecting black girls in Chicago is often overlooked. Our campaign aims to shed light on this pressing issue. By supporting us, you're not just funding our program; you're helping us raise awareness about the challenges these girls face daily. Your contribution will enable us to reach a wider audience, educate the community, and advocate for policy changes to combat this crisis.

Every dollar you donate will directly enhance our violence prevention program. It will help us expand our mentorship initiatives, provide essential trauma healing services, and amplify our efforts to raise awareness about this critical issue. Together, we can empower these young black girls to break free from the cycle of violence and poverty, giving them the tools they need to succeed and thrive.

"I'm just a little black girl from Chicago" should never limit a child's dreams or potential. We can rewrite this narrative with your support, offering these girls the chance to heal, grow, and succeed. Join us in our mission to empower black girls and strengthen violence prevention in Chicago. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on their lives and our community as a whole. Together, we can bring about positive change and create a brighter future for these remarkable young girls.

Thank you for your generosity and for standing with us in this vital cause, inspired by personal experiences and a commitment to change lives.

Kind Regards,

Darryca Brim

Executive Director | Focus Fairies Mentoring